Review: Residue: Final Cut

18 Aug, 2014  


I imagine that The Working Parts, the people behind Residue, watch a lot of films. Their games are definitely heavily influenced by film. And while film-inspired games often don’t turn out well, they manage to pull it off. While Residue had some issues in the gameplay, the wonderful and engaging story totally made up for…

Review: Terrian Saga: KR-17

14 Jul, 2014   Video

Terrian Saga: KR-17 is definitely inspired by the 90s. It’s plain to see it the style, and the game’s ads (like the one featured above). It’s present in many aspects of the gameplay. And, in the end it’s a pretty faithful adaptation of 90s platformer. It’s pretty simple, but is also pretty content rich. Although…

Review: 4PM

9 Jul, 2014  


I’m going to state it outright: 4PM is a bad game. It’s not worth playing. It’s an attempt at an art game, and it’s executed poorly. The game is horribly short, not allowing for any real character development. The game looks bad, and the fact that they use horrible lighting effects makes it worse. It’s…

Review: Second Chance Heroes

4 Jul, 2014  

Second Chance Heroes

There’s a lot of positives to a heavily polished product. A good gameplay experience is important, and there’s nothing wrong with mass appeal. That being said, there’s some downsides to it too. As Braid developer Jonathon Blow said, “the creation of [a] highly glossy, commercial product is the opposite of making something personal.” It’s important,…

Review: Magicians and Looters

1 Jul, 2014  

Magicians and Looters

It’s not wonder that metroidvanias have been a staple of gaming for a long time. With the popularity of RPGs and platformers over the years, it’s only natural that they’d combine. In recent years, games like Cave Story, Rogue Legacy and Guacamelee! have brought new twists to the genre. But, as the persistence of the…

Review: Probability Zero

16 Jun, 2014  

Something something something

We’ve seen a big rise in Procedural Death Labyrinths in recent years, with games like The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky or Teleglitch, to name a few. And now we’re seeing greater twists on the genre, like in Rogue Legacy or Tower of Guns. Now, we’ve got Probability Zero, a randomly generated platformer that takes a…

Review: Spintires

13 Jun, 2014  


I don’t play simulators particularly often. None of us here at Tangerine do. That being said, when I saw Spintires, I was intrigued. The game features unique and realistic physics, particularly when it comes to the mud. Vehicles can leave tracks and loosen up the ground, and easily get stuck. Much of the time I…

Review: Munin

10 Jun, 2014  


You can’t talk about indie games without looking at the puzzle platformer. A lot of the big names in indie gaming, like Braid, Fez, LIMBO, and Trine, were puzzle platformers. And now, a lot of people are trying to get in on it. One new name in the puzzle platformer genre is Munin. In Munin,…

Review: They Breathe

5 Jun, 2014  

They Breathe

They Breathe isn’t long. The game lasts about 30 minutes. The graphics aren’t aiming for realism, a move that is in stark contrast with most of the short art games around these days. But, the game is very good doing what it’s trying to do. It gives you the facts and nothing more, letting you…

Review: Strata

4 Jun, 2014  


It’s hard to not love a good puzzle game. They’re often a nice way to relax, and a good break from the fast-paced games that dominate the market these days. And Strata is, without a doubt, a good puzzle game. It’s not too hard, it’s pretty unique, and it’s something you can pick up and…